17.07.11 Nat.Show "LOKEREN"
1.Exc. Ch. Class C.A.C
Mr. Van den Bergh (NL)
03.07.10 Erah Past "ECU UITBERGEN"176/200 Points (B) and Became BELGIAN CHAMPION
Mr. R. Vandereyken (B)
Mr. S. Mampaye (B)
03.05.09 Intern.Show "DORTMUND" (GER)
1.Exc.Champion Class * and Became VDH CHAMPION
Mrs. A. Deprez (B)
26.04.09 Intern. Show "GOES" (NL)
1.Exc. Open Class C.A.C. * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mrs. E. de Winne(B)
29.03.09 Intern. Show "LUXEMBURG" (L)
1.Exc. Champion CLass C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B
and Became
Mr. M. Drennan (IR)
21.02.09 Intern. Show "HOOGSTRATEN"
1.Exc. Champion CLass C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mr.J. Ebels (NL)
18.01.09 Intern. Show "NURENBERG (GER)
1.Exc. Champion CLass C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mrs. C. Bond (U.K)
30.09.08 France Specialty "COMMENTRY" (F)
5.Exc.+ Open Class
Mrs.M.F. Varlet (F)
13.07.08 Lokerse Winner "LOKEREN"
1.Exc.Champion Class C.A.C. * B.O.S
Mr.G. Moore (AUS)
21.06.08 Intern.Dogshow Brussel "BELGIAN WINNER" (B)
1.Exc.Champion Class C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mr.P. Jentgen (L)
25.05.08 "Joe Cat Show * ARNHEM" (NL)
1. Exc.Champion Class C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
and Became
Mr. J. Wauben (NL)
10.05.08 Intern. Show."ARNHEM" (NL)
1. Exc.Champion Class C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B
Mrs. I.Ostenck-Shenck (NL)
03.05.08 Intern. Show."DORTMUND" (D)
2. Exc.Champion Class Females R.C.A.C * R.C.A.C.I.B
Mr.D. Descamps (F)
12.04.08 Intern. Show. "ANTWERPEN- BRABO" (B)
1. Exc.Champion Class C.A.C.* C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
and Became 1st. InGroup I
and 4th. Best in Show
Mr. R.Vanwesemael (B)
Mrs.Hector (B)
Mrs. M. van Brempt (B)
05.04.08 Intern. Show. "MONACO" (MC)
1. Exc.Open Class C.A.C.M * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
and Became
Mr. N.Deschuymere (B)
24.03.08 Intern. Show."LEEUWARDEN"
2.Exc.Open Class
Mr. Y .Dambrain (B)
17.02.08 Intern.Show "ODENSE" (DK)
1.Exc.Open Class C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
2end in Group1 * and Became
Mrs. M. van Brempt (B) Mrs.Gunnel Holm (FN)
25.11.07 Intern. Show "WINNER" ASTERDAM (NL)
2.Exc. Open Class
Mrs.W.van Deijl (N) 
03.11.07 Intern. Show "METZ" (F)
1.Exc.Open Class C.A.C * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mrs. M. Varlet (F)
14.10.07 Nat. Show. "DORTMUND"(GER)
1.Exc. Open Class VDH .CH.A. C.A.C
Mr.Wiblishauser (D)
13.10.07 Intern. Show "DORTMUND" (GER)
2.Exc. Open Class Res.VDH Anw.
Mrs. M. Ten Cate (NL)
22.09.07 Specialty" BAYREUTH"(GER)
1.Exc.Open Class * C.A.C * B.O.B * B.I.S
Mr.S. Ström (S)
Mrs. B. Stybrova (CZ )
01.07.07 SBH Specialty"SILKEBORG" (DK)
1.Exc. Open Class . C.A.C.* B.O.S and Best of Both Days
Mr. J. Andersson (S)
Mr.V. Riedel (D)
30.06.07 SBH Specialty"SILKEBORG" (DK)
1.Exc. Open Class . C.A.C.* B.O.B * BIS
Mr. J. Andersson (S)
15.06.07 Erah past the Sociabylitietest" HAMME -ZOGGE " (B)  
13.05.07 Dutch Specialty "DEURNE" (NL)
2.Exc. Open Class
Mr.B. Theveneon (F)
22.04.07 Intern.Show "Goes" (NL)
1.Exc. Class .Interm. C.A.C.* C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mr. H. Reinders (NL)
13.04.07 Intern.Show "MONACO" (MC)
1.Exc. Open Class . C.A.C.M * C.A.C.I.B * B.O.B
Mr. Van den Bergh (NL)
09.04.07 Inertn.Show "LEEUWARDEN" (NL)
1.Exc.Class Interm. R.C.A.C. * C.A.C.I.B
Mr.S. Peter (GER)
07.04.07 Nat.Show. "MAUBEUGE" (F)
1.Exc.Class Interm.C.A.C. * B.O.B
Mr. M.Chamberlain (B)
04.02.07 Int.Nat.Show. "CHALON/CHAMPAGNE"(F)
1.Exc.Class Interm.R.C.A.C - R.C.A.C.I.B
Mr.B. Thevenon (F)
28.01.07 Int.Nat.Show."MOESKROEN" (B)
1.Exc.Class Interm.R.C.A.C - R.C.A.C.I.B
Mr. J. Paolilo (ARG)
26.11.06 Winner "AMSTERDAM" (NL)
1.Exc. Young Class * and Junior Winner
Mrs. A.. Mc. Laren (U.K)
18.11.06 Belgian Specialty "KORTRIJK" (B)
1.Exc.Class Interm.C.A.C - B.O.B
Mr. Y .Dambrain (B)
09.11.06 World Show "POZNAN" (PL)
1.Exc.Class Interm. C.A.C - C.A.C.I.B - B.O.B
Mrs. M. van Brempt (B)
04.11.06  Int.Nat.Show "BLEISWIJK " (NL)
Mrs. M. ten Cate (NL)
13.10.06 Int.Nat.Show "DORTMUND" (GER)
1.Exc. and Bundesjugendsieger
Mrs. M.F. Varlet (F) 
18.06.06  Int.Nat.Show "HULTEN" ( NL)
Mrs.W.van Deijl (NL)